Ramenthusiast in 2018

Hi there readers!

It’s been a while since actual content has been posted to the site, so I wanted to go through and talk about expectations for the future with Ramenthusiast. It’ll be quick (I’m not a fan of drawn out updated), so here we go:

  • New Look — A part of some of the updates that you’ll see in 2018 is a new look for the site. I’ve been hard at work trying to nail down what I believe the Ramenthusiast should look and feel like when you visit the site. I hope to have more updates about this project in March!
  • Consistent Blog Posts — I have an army of content I’m currently editing and hoping to post on here. The idea is to always have a stream of food-related topics to make available on the site. For example, there is an awesome post about sweet potato pie planned for next week. Don’t forget to check out the Instagram page for updates on blog posts
  • Ramen Map — A project I’ve been mulling over as well is the Ramen Map, something I’ll update whenever I have a bowl of ramen. The idea is to create short notes about different ramen bowls at the restaurants I get a chance to visit. More details on implementation will be available in March!
  • More Instagram content — Most of the Ramenthusiast content in 2017 has been on Instagram. I definitely plan to include more of the same in 2018, but more often!

I’m absolutely looking forward to sharing more of my dining and cooking experiences with you all! You’ve been amazing with your support and I cannot wait to see how Ramenthusiast grows over time.

Until next week’s pie post!


  1. Casey Reply

    So organized! Can`t wait to continue living vicariously through your descriptions and drooling over your food porn. Xoxo

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