Curry and Ramen !?! Exploring Jin Ramen’s Green Coconut Thai Curry

Those familiar with Thai cuisine are most likely familiar with the warm, spicy green curry. For those unacquainted with Thai green curry, it’s typically made with spices you’d see in other curries, with green chilis, a coconut milk base, lemongrass, lime leaves, and Galangal (a root that looks rather similar to ginger). The coconut milk usually does a good job masking the bite from the spices of the green chilis. The lemongrass and Galangal adds a citrusy note to the curry, adding to the dimension of flavor. Add some vegetables and a protein and you have a pretty hearty, smooth dish. However, how does one – and this case Jin Ramen – turn this curry dish into a ramen dish? Simple; they took all of these really good elements of green curry and transformed them into the beautiful dish you see below:

Green Curry Ramen… A Special from Jin in the UWS!

What’s in the bowl?

Jin does something special and makes the soup base using green curry inspiration and the diner’s choice of either chicken or pork broth. (I usually aim for pork broth since I’m a sucker for tonkotsu but I’ve been satisfied with chicken broth options from Jin Ramen before). One taste of the broth reminds frequent Thai diners of how delicious green curry can be. The broth is accompanied by chicken, bean sprouts, zucchini, squash, scallion, sesame seeds, a beautifully boiled egg and curly ramen noodles. The display, as you can see for yourself, is stunning; the colors reminds me of a lot of Thai dishes that I get while still maintaining the integrity of a Japanese ramen.

So how does it taste?

Jin does a rather magnificent job capturing the spirit of a green curry while also serving a ramen dish. For this dish, I chose the pork option for the broth. It was most definitely a heavier broth (as most pork broths are), but really smooth like actual green curry. As I allowed my egg to soak in the broth bath (more on that at the end), I dived straight into the noodles. The noodles were a bit springy, which provided a pleasant mouthfeel especially when slurping up a bit of the spicy broth. The toppings, especially the vegetable choices, complement the dish well (the squash and zucchini absorbed a lot of the flavor of the soup, making them delicious to eat as I kept digging in). And theĀ egg…oh the egg. Biting into it was like biting into a curry-yolk flavor bomb. The spiciness from the broth’s green curry influences combined with its umami and the flavorful egg made for a wonderful climax of flavorful before I concluded with a couple of more sips of the savory soup. If I were to address how this dish tasted in a word: wonderfully.

So should I go and try it?

If you’re a fan of spicer dishes, especially green curry, I definitely think that giving Jin’s Green Coconut Thai Curry ramen bowl a try is a good idea. It’s definitely a testament to how ramen can differ from the usual shio/shoyu/tonkotsu options that we may be so accustomed to when visiting our favorite ramen spots. So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone if you can handle the heat, and give this bowl a try!

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